Privacy fences and screens are inevitable nowadays. They have become an essential addition to almost every home in Australia. Boresi Fencing has been offering privacy fence and screen installation services to almost every other Aussie home since 1986. With years of experience, the company has gained the trust of numerous home owners when it comes to fencing and screening services.

One of the many reasons why home owners turn to Boresi Fencing for installation of privacy fences and screens is for protection. Many Australian homes are situated adjacent or close to each other – making neighbors feel quite uncomfortable. It is difficult to address the issue with solutions other than installing privacy fences and screens. Some home owners choose to install privacy fences and screens to avoid the prying eyes of passers-by and strangers.

Whatever your reason is for installing a privacy fence, it is important that you work closely with us in its creation. Privacy fences and screens by Boresi Fencing can be made of any material you choose. Some prefer timber while others are more drawn towards steel and iron. These different materials have their advantages over the other. It is essential that one exhausts all the advantages and disadvantages of one material over the other.

Another thing to consider aside from the material is the budget for the project. We are able to work with various budgets and can tailor fit privacy fences and screens according to your proposed budget.

When it comes to designing your privacy fences and screens, Boresi Fencing will be more than glad to be of help. Designs are almost limitless with us – though there can be quite a few restrictions depending on the material chosen for the privacy fence or screen. We will be able to suggest various designs that will help enhance the aesthetics of your home and property while serving the purpose of its installation. We welcome ideas and suggestions from our clients and incorporate them to the project as well. We have pre-made designs from which you can also choose from.

Boresi Fencing can cater to all your privacy fencing and screen needs. We have made indoor and outdoor privacy screens for all types of properties – may they be commercial or residential in nature. Call us now for a free unobligated quote and be part of our steadily growing number of satisfied customers and clients.